On the Streets | National (US)


Todd White

Neck Ministries

Todd White looks like football player meets teddy bear, who then gets transformed by the love of God.

This guys hits the streets and the message is the love of God, and how much He knows and loves you.

In a moment of vulnerability, I have to be honest and wish that I knew the love of God like how Todd shares it. I hope I don't delete this paragraph. Or better yet, I hope that this prayer gets answered soon!


Jason Westerfield

Kingdom Reality

Wow, Jason Westerfield. What a role model. Prayer on all fours on the streets.

One amazing thing this man brings to the body is as the ministry name suggests -- the reality of the Kingdom of God. There is a reality that the Kingdom of God has come in part and will come in fullness. He walks in that reality. Healing, visions of the heavens, transportation -- nothing is impossible for him who believes. It wasn't Addidas who came up with that.

"Greater works will you do." Jason is seems to really be set on manifesting the truth of Jesus's words.


Bill Johnson & Kris Vallotton

Bethel & Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

Papa Bill and Papa Kris -- these are some of today's most impactful fathers of the many thousands of young people spreading the good news of Jesus.

They have trained many, many of the people who unleash the Kingdom + know their identity as children of God. Here's the book that everybody loves.


On the Streets | International (US)


Ian Clayton

Son of Thunder

Ian Clayton is an awesome man from New Zealand. He is about the reality of God's Kingdom. I wish I knew more about him but I just didn't see as much on youtube about him; however, he has a sweet video there about a transportation experience.


Georgian & CoCo Banov

Global Celebration

The joy of Jesus. These guys carry with them so much amazing joy. In God's presence there is fullness of joy.

They go to minister to gypsies in Europe and to people living amongst the world's garbage dumps.

In all the world, I have seen very few as happy as they to know Jesus.


Randy Clark

Global Awakening

I pause in the midst of writing these short blurbs to recognize that the treasure that these men are to the Kingdom of Heaven as it stands on Earth.

Randy Clark has a ministry called Global Awakening. God used him powerfully in something called the Toronto Blessing where people experienced an unusual presence of the Holy Spirit.

He laid his hands on Heidi Baker who subsequently got knocked out by the power of the Holy Spirit and had heavenly visions and could hear the audible voice of God; she then went on to start thousands of churches in Mozambique in Africa.

He hold healing revivals especially in Brazil.


Kevin Dedmon

Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is an outreach style made popular in many charismatic outreach events and is featured in the movie, Finger of God, in particular at Bethel Church in Redding, California.

Check out the book by Kevin Dedmon!


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