Curry Blake

John G. Lake Ministries

There was a minister named John G Lake -- what a man. This man so many healings in the city he lived in Washington state that it was called the healthiest city in America. He was the real deal. In fact, he offered money to anybody who stayed at his meeting, under his teaching, and did not get healed. This is just amazingly refreshing.

Curry Blake has picked up the ministry. After a long journey of his own searching for Biblical truth about healing, he has re-discovered what had been found by John G Lake many years ago.

Listen to these MP3s made available by the John G. Lake ministry. These are paradigm shifting teachings.


Bill Johnson | Kris Vallotton

Bethel Church & Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

This team has held onto healing as the children's bread and available for all those come to Jesus. They hold many conferences where healings break out all the time. (This team also fits under the prophetic and apostolic category along with inner-healing.)

Check out the book. Also check out their video site.


Randy Clark

Global Awakening

I pause in the midst of writing these short blurbs to recognize that the treasure that these men are to the Kingdom of Heaven as it stands on Earth.

Randy Clark has a ministry called Global Awakening. God used him powerfully in something called the Toronto Blessing where people experienced an unusual presence of the Holy Spirit.

He laid his hands on Heidi Baker who subsequently got knocked out by the power of the Holy Spirit and had heavenly visions and could hear the audible voice of God; she then went on to start thousands of churches in Mozambique in Africa.

He hold healing revivals especially in Brazil.


Heidi and Roland Baker

Iris Ministries

In Heidi Baker's ministries there have people raised from the dead! These is a story of somebody beaten to death, raised from the dead, who came back and forgave those who beat him to death. Those people became Christian.

This ministry forces the question - what is impossible for those who believe?

However, despite all the incredible signs and wonders, what this ministry focuses on is the love of God. Read more in the book.


David Hogan

Freedom Ministries

David Hogan is awesome. He basically was called to Mexico to kick butt. He basically has stormed he gates of hell, and he leaves no prisoners at all.

You have to listen to believe it. He has been attacked in various ways and supernaturally protected by God.





Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher of Bethel Church

Sozo is actually a ministry developed by two women at Bethel Church, Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher. It was designed and that was influenced by the many healing ministries that started before it.

One interesting twist however was that the healing ministers would interview the person and have them hear from the Holy Spirit as they went on the journey of forgiveness, grieving, and receiving life from Jesus.


Elijah House

John and Paula Sanford

Elijah House is a ministry started by John and Paula Sanford. They wish to restore the hearts of fathers to their children and children to their father.

The Sanfords have greatly sought to understand the internal dynamics associated with the human heart, our beliefs, and other interesting dynamics including unforgiveness and bitterness.


Continued list of Inner-healing ministries

These are a collection of the other ministries focused on inner-healing:




Bob Jones

Bob Jones Ministries

Bob Jones One of the major (known) revelatory seers of our day who walks with great authority. He has influenced many of the revelatory people in our nation. He has influenced revelatory leaders including Shawn Boltz.


Graham Cooke

Future Training Institute and The Mission

One of the most influential prophetic voices. He has an incredible relationship with the Father and He has shared his experience with others. He has been through much -- seasons of hiddenness and seasons of manifestation. He has learned some of the keys of spiritual warfare. There are peeps that have tried to spiritually attack him -- but God has protected him and given him faith and favor to reverse every attack from the enemy and turn it into a blessing.


Patricia King

Extreme Prophetic

Patricia King is a prophetess who has a mandate in the mountain of media. She has a site XPMedia which then links to many of the revelatory voices today.

She has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to go deeper in God. Check out here site.


Continued list of prophetic ministries

Other voices that I know about but have not learned enough about but do want to honor are:


Transformation and the 7 Spheres of Society


George Otis Jr.


George Otis Jr. is the guy behind the guy. What he is doing is literally amazing. He has taken a journalistic/documentary approach to some of the greatest modern day moves of God. Hearing him talk, you realize he isn't a fluffy feeling oriented dude; instead you get the sense that you are hearing a guy who started on this journey somewhat skeptical and after seeing the reality of the power of God's move, and has decided to tell the world the story of how God is moving today.


Johnny Enlo | 7 Mountains

DayStar Church | Atlanta Georgia

I have been to many Christian conferences but Jonny Enlow's conference has perhaps been the greatest. He is super understated, and almost lives in such a way that the world doesn't seem to affect him. His revelation about the Seven Mountains has been incredible.


Brett Johnson | Business

rep & The Institute

Brilliant & given great revelation about God's business here on Earth.

Do you work? Do you know to know what God thinks about your business? This is a ministry that you really must connect with! Check out Brett's book on converging your life around deeper purpose, community, and who you are.


Shawn Boltz | Arts


Shawn Boltz is an amazing man of God. A young man, he is a spiritual son of Bob Jones. He was involved with IHOP in the early days and today he has started his own church called It is a ministry focused on tackling the mountain of media. Here has written about heavenly finance.


Jaeson Ma | Arts

Jaeson Ma

Jaeson Ma is a Bay Area (California) native who went down to LA to tear things up for God. With boldness, he has witnessed to many on campuses and now is witnessing to many of the entertainment stars of Asia. He has a blog, books, and a rap CD.



Ruth Heflin

Calvary Campground

Ruth Heflin's book on worship called Glory is one of the books that changed everything for me.


Continued list of worship leaders:

The list can be quite long but here are some of the most famous:



Lou Engel

The Call

Lou Engel is perhaps one of the most important Christians today. He is gathering massive prayer meetings across the country and bringing together key regional and national leaders to these meetings.


Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle and his team have prayed and worshipped for 10 years straight -- that is all night and all day. They have launched a movement of people who are praying and worshipping in different homes across the country (often called "hops" or "houses of prayer.")

His work and influence continues to grow. Bob Jones, John Paul Jackson, and he used to minister together -- I hope this days can happen once again!

Here is one of his books on the prophetic.


Dr. Yonggi Cho

Yoido Full Gospel Church

Dr. Cho is a man of God. His church literally bought mountains where people can stay for days at a time to fast and pray. Their church has reached a million people and is the largest church in the world.
This really brought to attention both prayer and the power of believing.



Derek Prince

Derek Prince Ministries

A great man of God with tremendous insight into the nature of deliverance.


Dream Interpretation


John Paul Jackson

Streams Ministries

Papa John! A man who interprets dreams. He is a man that walks in incredible experiences with the Lord, and at the same time he walks in such a relatable way to men. Honestly, I have rarely seen someone do both.

He has many teachings on dreams and more to come in 2012.


Doug Addison

InLight Connection

The funniest revelator I have ever met. "Bible bloopers" and "Satisfied Customers" hitting the floor. An amazing man of God, an interpreter of dreams, a writer, and a very, very funny dude.


Continued list of dream interpreters

Other voices that I know about but have not learned enough about but do want to honor are:


The River


Georgian and Winnie Banov (Remention)

Global Celebration

The joy of Jesus. These guys carry with them so much amazing joy. In God's presence there is fullness of joy.

In all the world, I have seen very few as happy as they to know Jesus.


John and Carol Arnott

Catch the Fire and John and Carol

In the mid-90s, there was a great refreshing that came to the church and it happened in Canada -- specially in the Toronto area.


Ruth Heflin (remention)

River Glory

Some people just make loving God look so easy and so natural. From her writings and what I know about her life, it seems like she lives in a different world of love and wonder of our Father. Her book called "River" describes, well the river of the Holy Spirit and how to live in it!



Darren Wilson | Documentary of miracles

Finger of God and Furious Love

Darren Wilson, with incredible patience and with humor, takes people on his journey to see some of the many amazing manifestations of God's presence around the globe. He walks people through seeing incredible healings, to seeing gold dust released on the meetings.

Buy the DVDs here and here.


Joshua Mills | Gold Dust

Joshua Mills

Joshua Mills is a man of God. The manifestations that happen around this man are incredible. Gold and diamond dust falls wherever he goes.


Heidi and Roland Baker | Raising the dead (remention)

Iris Ministries

In Heidi Baker's ministries there have people raised from the dead! These is a story of somebody beaten to death, raised from the dead, who came back and forgave those who beat him to death. Those people became Christian.

This ministry forces the question - what is impossible for those who believe?

However, despite all the incredible signs and wonders, what this ministry focuses on is the love of God.


Dennis J. Rojas | Jewels, Oil, and Gold Dust

Casa de Restauracion Casa de Misericordia

Dennis Rojas gives himself wholly in worship. One day oil started appearing in crazy amounts from his Bible. Also, all kinds of jewels started showing in the church. You really have to see it to believe it.


Continuation of miracle workers:

The list can go on and on but there are different ministries and Christian that walk in very unusual manifestations:
  • Manna from heaven
  • Heavenly transportation
  • Multiplication of food
  • Major illnesses disappear and broken or missing body parts grow back
  • Floating


Ben Dunn

Joy Revolution and The Santa Cruz Church

Radically joyful…blissfully unconventional. These guys have seen incredible ministry to anybody looking for the joy of Jesus.

In particular, I believe that these guys are able like almost none other to reach out to the party crowd! They show them that life with God is better than life with party & drugs or whatever your idol is!

Benn brings people to a wonderful place of worship & communicates the sounds of heaven.

He is all about the joy of Jesus, the power of the cross, and the blood of Jesus. He is a spiritual son of Georgian Banov. He has adopted the love for ministering to those across the globe living in garbage dumps.


John Crowder

Sons of Thunder and The Santa Cruz Church

John Crowder is a friend of Benn Dunn. John Crowder is all about the blood of Jesus & the awesomeness of knowing God.

He is not the joys of the Christian life -- over is the fast and in with the feasting on the love of God.

He has written some interesting books and done a lot of research on the many manifestations of God's usual miracles all over the world.


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