Identity is the first tab because all the good stuff starts from knowing who we are in God. In many cases, the epistles of Paul start, not by telling us what to do or why to do it, but often they simply give us nuggets about who we are in God. Knowing our identity is key in understanding--this will help us know who and whose we are in times of trouble, times when we feel accused or guilt comes "upon" us.

Knowing your identity helps you do the right things for the right reasons. Too often Christians are trying to work for righteousness or work to be justified in the eyes of an overbearing pastor or a guilty-conscience or to make up for what accusers have told us. But even understanding our identity just because it helps us do the right thing for the right reasons is not the right perspective.

Your Father in heaven loves you. He is the Father who cares. Some of you have had distant or overbearing or otherwise imperfect earthly fathers. This very often creates misconceptions about God. It's not hard to see that God is not the abusive or sinful father. But sometimes, it's harder to see that He loves us just because. It's sometimes harder to see that we don't have to do X, Y, or Z to be loved even if the X, Y, Z are good things like evangelism, reading the Bible, or loving your neighbor. (You can fill in the X,Y, Z as fits your case.)

He first loved us. It's time to understand what that means.



Victory Over the Darkness: Realizing the Power of Your Identity in Christ

Neil T. Anderson

The book Victory Over The Darkness is the best book I've seen in helping one understand the transformation that is possible by knowing your identity and knowing what that identity actually is.

It helps explain that we don't work for victory but from victory. We are not working for approval but from approval.

All of this is made possible because of what Jesus has done for us! This is a central part of what Jesus has won for us. This might sound cliche, and maybe sounds like something that you've glossed over quickly. However, this IS the foundation. Most understand the transition from eternal destiny in judgement to eternal destiny in heaven. However, what most Christians do not progress in is their transition from SLAVE to son/daughter + bride; these are powerful and important transitions.

There were two things that really caught my attention. One was the stories about the people who had "incurable" behavioral issues who were transformed immediately after understanding who they were. The second were the two lists that talked about our identity in God. This is the book.


Destined to Reign & Unmerited Favor

Joseph Prince

Joseph Prince is the man. He understands the gospel. See, the good news about the goodnews is that it is good. If you don't realize how good it is, then you've probably missed some part of it. Honestly, I didn't really receive Joseph Prince at first. I was like, man, the hair is too slick! But I realize now, it's just that he's cool.

Before I understood the message of grace, I tried to earn righteousness and the favor of God by my own works and efforts. I pursued a righteousness with zeal but did not submit to God's own righteousness that was given by the sacrifice of His son Jesus. I know realize, all the favor and the blessings, and the relationships that I have in my life are due to Him. Before this time, in a tough season of ministry, I thought that knowing Jesus was the beginning of (almost unbearable) work; in fact, earning a righteousness by your own effort may be the hardest burden possible (perhaps that was why Jesus was so angry with the Pharisees). I now it is a matter of receiving and believing what He has done!

If your read Deuteronomy 28, you realize that what God wants for us is wholeness (absence of the bad), fullness (fullness of the good), and prosperity (freedom from lack, and freedom to lend). If you don't understand the old covy promises of God, how can you realize the fullness of the new covy. This is the first and second book.

Be blessed! (also see if you can record/watch his sermons on cable)



The Supernatural Ways of Royalty

Kris Valloton

When you look at a painting of a person, and you say, man that painting sucks! You are not being humble. You are not just being mean. In fact, you are insulting the painter and the model.

But in fact, many Christians do this about themselves. They insult the pained, (God) who knit you in your mother's womb. And you are mocking the model (Jesus) the firstfruit among many brothers.

Sometimes it seems that only Christians think they suck. And the more they think they suck - the more humble and devout they are! But lo, it is simply a case of mistaken identity.

Orphans don't know that they are loved. They live in lack and abandonment and the fear of abandonment all the time. Doesn't this suck?! However, many Christians live like this without even realizing it! They don't understand that they are royalty and a royal priesthood. And therefore, they neither treat themselves like this or truly see others in this way.

Read the book & walk in who you actually are:


Experiencing God

Henry Blackaby

Strange, I've never read it but I know this is supposed to be one of the main "mainstream books" on knowing our relationship with Him. This was the "Purpose Driven Life" or the "When Heaven Invades Earth" book of the 80's.

Do what I never did, read it.


The Search For Significance

Robert S. McGee

This book probably deserves better, except that this was one of the hardest books I've ever read. Wow, each chapter was like a knife to my walls and barriers and touched sore spots that I was discovering needed healing.

The printing with a 2003 copyright said two million copies in print. Whoa! A popular book that nobody has heard about.

Check it out.


The Reason for God

Tim Keller

Actually, there are a bunch of books by Tim Keller. I have been a subscriber to Tim Keller's sermons and really, there are very few like him. He probably is my favorite non-Charasmatic pastor -- but he really gets int o the analysis of the hearts of people.

This is one of the first.


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